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Of Course every guitar starts with the body wood....We offer many tonal choices for your build ! All bodies are 1 3/4 thick, Lightweight, 1 &2 piece jackknifed,Grain matching and hand milled with tight tolerences

Select : Western Sugar Pine (shown)

                          Swamp Ash




                          Select Western Cedar

Western Sugar Pine

And then we make it come to life with you favorite color....We offer most of your desired fullerton colors in nitrocellulose lacquer of if choosing a new guitar then poly can be applied if desired !



Lets chose a neck for your build..We offer you most standard neck profiles and radiuses for the right comfort, feel you desire along with modern or vintage fretwire, bone/graphtec nut,etc...




Xotics Available

Specs : Radius 






 Profile - Med C

                             Thin C

                             Soft V

                             Fat (Baseball Bat)

Rinder Guitars Headstock

Hardware is another key component to ultimately end up with a more solid sounding guitar, so we don't skimp were it counts.. Your standard aged Fullerton style guitar obviously gets you vintage treatment, but otherwise it's all about what you the customer wants and for that it's just a matter of consultation..We offer most major manufacturer hardware..We do not make our own hardware

Pickups for Rinder Guitars are made by Ulyate pickup company in Nashville and  most pickup styles available from your standard Tele to Gold Foil editions that come in varied colors and options.. Your choice of big brand pickups always welcome ! We further use all quality pots, switches, wire and capacitors for the optimum tone as well as foiled cavity's for as quite an instrument possible
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