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For somebody who has always had a love for music, that love extended itself to guitar players then further the love for guitars themselves and so it goes...

Here at Rinder Guitars we just let that love do its thing along with hard work and being able to share that passion with others get's it done at the end of the day ! It never hurts to have a little experience behind you, all while still learning and getting better at anything you do, so for that it i started out in late 80's at G&L Guitars(1988-91)Actually while Leo was still kicking around, but never got to me him for heath reasons he passed in 91"...I spent those years working in the neck dept/woodshop and was a fun time ! As the guitar journey goes i end up becoming reacquainted with my friends at G&L all while doing my thing, started doing the rustic series for them...Shortly there after i Started full time with Rickenbacker(2010-14) as lead builder for 4 years which was great expierience! Lots of repairs and restorations along the way as well

At this point Rinder guitars has been kicking along since 2007  and we have done a excellent job of keeping the standards up and being able to produce a nice handful of great guitars and i hope we can build your next...

Thanks so much for checking us out !

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